JKR’s Transphobic Statement

JK Rowling has disappointed us again, and the community response that we have seen has been beautiful. People telling each other they love each other and stand together. We love our trans and nonbinary friends, listeners and colleagues and are so sorry about yet another hateful comment from Rowling.

This all reminds us of one core principle of what we believe at Harry Potter and the Sacred Text: That ‘sacred’ is an act, not a thing. It is what we do together, as a community, around the Harry Potter books that makes it sacred. It is not these texts that are magic. It is you. That is why we feel comfortable condemning JK Rowling in her transphobia, but still gathering around the books. They aren’t her books, they are ours. And they have inspired us to love more and better. To take care of our friends at the margins. To fight for what’s right. (Maybe JK Rowling should read them.) We understand if you need to take a break from Harry Potter. And we invite you to still love it without supporting Rowling’s capitalistic endeavors surrounding it. Fan art, fan culture, the library, your already owned books - Rowling cannot profit from these things. They belong to us.

All of the proceeds from our merch store this month will be going to Solutions Not Punishment 4 Freedom (SNAP 4 Freedom), “a black trans and queer led collaborative that builds the power of our people to wage and win campaigns that force systematic divestment from the prison industrial complex and investment in the services and supports” needed to do so. This organization is also part of our Black Lives Matter fundraiser if you are able to donate directly.


Here’s our previous statement on JKR’s transphobia, as well as voicemails from our listeners on the subject.


We love you very, very, very much. We’ll have a more regular newsletter addressing what’s been happening later this week.

The HPST team